what a marvellous tune

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George Harrison



YOU CAN LITERALLY SEE EVERY STITCH ON HER DRESS!!! I MEAN THE DETAIL IS AMAZING. if you say the animation in this movie is bad you are LYING.

Hey friends! Just want to inform you that the stitching on her dress and all the detail you see on her character model was painstakingly put there by Visual Effects Artists! Not animators. Animators pose and “animate” the characters, while Visual Effects Artists work on everything else! It can be very confusing, I know, but Visual Effects Artists are feeling very under appreciated right now in the film industry, so I encourage you all to understand and research the difference between Animation and Visual Effects!! Huzzah!

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emma swan per episode 1.11 ‘Fruit of the Poisonous Tree’

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Self-Positive Sailor Moon part 2

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This might be a pretty ridiculous post, but honestly how great would it be?

….mermaids aren’t real?

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